All day dining
A new beacon chilling

11am – 5pm

Beyond ordinary lunch

Taste the ‘dolce far niente’ with iconic dishes inspired by the Italian cuisine, enhanced by a modern twist.

From 11 am until 6 pm, the Pelican desires to recharge your immune system and let you sit for a light lunch.

Relax and share the Small Bites collection and home-made sandwiches, directly hot from our oven, or salads with the freshest high-quality ingredients imported from Italy.


for succesful dining

5:30pm – 11:30pm

Lights, cameras, action!

When the sun goes down the Pelican Cafè becomes a restaurant à la carte combining the Italian culinary tradition with the personal chef’s touch.

In the heart of Miami, say goodbye to appetizer, main dish, dessert; for a jaw dropping menu the food experience follows the screenplay of a movie:


Furthermore, a wine list that brings together great Italian labels from North to South, plus a collection of Italian Spumante and French Champagne.

Enjoy the show!

Chef Wendy Cacciatori

“I was born from a family of chefs fifty years ago.
Since I was a child the noises that kept me company every day were dishes and pots clashing in the kitchen.

For over 9 years (since I moved to the United States) I have tried to convey my professional culinary experiences in this great country.

It was a mission for me to discover some Italian excellences but above all, those of my homeland Emilia Romagna.” 

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