Pelican Hotel Façade

Welcome to the Pelican Hotel, we first opened our doors in 1994. There it was, the perfect off-the-beaten-path hotel. The first hotel that dared to be eccentric, surreal; with names like the best whorehouse, psychedelic (ate) girl, to better fit the design of the theme rooms. Every room has a name, fun furnishings, and all vintage original ranging from the ’30s to the ’70s.

The idea? A fashion hotel ( the only one in 1994 ) designed with taste and no compromise. Soon enough the Pelican was created; who were we? Individuals with enthusiasm, ambition, glow in our eyes and love at first sight for this beautiful Art Deco gem.

What’s new? Our commitment to Mother Earth, by regulating our water consumption and commitment to recycling. We have implemented a water regulating system to save thousands of liters of water a year. Water is respect to life and nature!

And what is the final touch? The guest with a passion for the art deco era to fit the match!