Discover Our Story

What makes us different

Inspired by our land and sea, we believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients and that the best ingredients are usually local. Don’t concern yourself about planning what you want to eat in advance; our menus are dictated by what is fresh and seasonal.

Above all, delicious and enjoyable.

Casual Dining with a sophisticated menu

Pelican Café offers a haven of casual dining with a sophisticated menu carefully prepared with quality and locally sourced ingredients. They are uniquely selected from our trusted producers and artisans. Don’t overlook our eye-catching restaurant, especially if you are looking to dine in a gastronomic gem

The Team

Our International talents and experience are diverse, but at the Pelican, we are united by our goal to provide all of our customers with beautifully presented sumptuous dishes, excellent wine pairing, and hospitality.


Restaurant Manager – Head Chef- Line Cooks- Head Barman – Bartender – Barista – Waiter (senior/junior) – Food Runner- Hostess

Providing you with the very Best Ingredients