Bar concept

Authentic and Eclectic!

The atmosphere and the energy of the Pelican Hotel sparkles in the glasses. Pulsing with ever changing authentic experiences as in gastronomy also in beverage. That kind of energy cannot be denied, and its inspiration is present in every drink prepared at the bar.

The best ingredients, home-made blends, fresh fruits and spices: this is everything we share with you: eclectic taste, but with an authentic soul.

Discover our creations.

Twist on classic

Heritage, Glamour and Sophistication for classic and international cocktails.




The Pelican fosters creativity creating 9 legendary cocktails inspired by the most famous places of Miami Beach. Colors, nuances, allures of the Sunshine State plus 4 original recipes tributing the Negroni, the well-known Italian drink, with ingredients offering a refreshing irreverence.


The Pelican concept is built on embracing life pleasure – gin is included. The Gin..otheque allows your inner sommelier to thrive. A wide range of Gin labels combined with specific tonic waters, adding fruit and spices in order to create your favorite Gin Tonic palette. Moreover, a wide selection of international spirits, soft drinks and craft beers. Let’s go for a stroll in the Ginotheque.

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