Our Story

The hotel was originally designed by Diesel’s Creative Team and has recently been renovated. All of the rooms present a surreal variety of movie sets inspired by classic movie themes. Each filled with refurbished objects, and furniture named after its own theme.

Our renovation

At the Pelican Hotel, you can always count on our beautiful themed rooms now meticulously restored in all their glory to original pristine condition thanks to the craftsmanship of local artisans.




"The Pelican Hotel: Diesel’s eccentric Miami Beach landmark gets a revamp"Ruaridh Nicoll
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"The result is something that’s perfectly South Beach: excessive, kitschy, and kissed by the Miami sun."Ann BInlot – Document Journal
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"This Quirky Florida Hotel it’s Hiding One Of The Best Italian Restaurants In Miami Beach"Patricia Doherty - Travel + Leisure
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"The seamless combination of true Miami design heritage and modern comforts wrapped in a serious dose of la dolce vita"Brandon Schultz; edge media network
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