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C.O. BIGELOW® products, custom designed theme rooms & suites, recycled oak floors, air conditioning, industrial ceiling fan, Plasma or LCD TV/ Audio dock for iPhone or iPod, refrigerator (with daily complimentary water), free WiFi connection, electronic safe, bathroom (with retractable clothesline for wet beachwear).

Deco (intreau) 207

Deco (intreau)

Love, Peace and Leafforest 209

Love, Peace and Leafforest

Halfway to Hollywood 210

Halfway to Hollywood

People from the 50’s 211

People from the 50’s

Cubarean Islands 212

Cubarean Islands

Bang a Boomerang 214

Bang a Boomerang

Best Whorehouse 215

Best Whorehouse

Born in the Stars & Stripes 306

Born in the Stars & Stripes

Deco (cktail) 307

Deco (cktail)

Do the Vehicle 308

Do the Vehicle

Psychedelic (ate) Girl 309

Psychedelic (ate) Girl

Viva Las Vegas 310

Viva Las Vegas

Birth of the Bubbles 311

Birth of the Bubbles

Power Flower 312

Power Flower

Aka’ 70 313

Aka’ 70

Me Tarzan, you Vain 314

Me Tarzan, you Vain

Up, Up in the Sky 315

Up, Up in the Sky

Big Bamboo 302

Big Bamboo

With Drill 205

With Drill

High Corral, OK Chaparral 213

High Corral, OK Chaparral

A Fortune in Aluminum 304

A Fortune in Aluminum

Some like it Wet 305

Some like it Wet

Optique Diabolique 204

Optique Diabolique

Executive Fifties 201

Executive Fifties

Executive Sixties 301

Executive Sixties

Executive Zebra 203

Executive Zebra

Executive Thirties’s 303

Executive Thirties’s